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Everybody has down time. Everybody.

Outages happen, and what we do is let you know when they do. This gives you a chance to get in front of an outage instead of letting it run over you when you start fielding phone calls from angry users. We monitor over a dozen different Azure services and are constantly adding more.

Getting set up is quick and easy. When you click the Start Now link, you'll log in with your Azure Active Directory account. You'll create a new AzureServiceMon subscription, and then we'll go out and inventory the resources in your subscription that we can monitor for you. You then can just check boxes next to the types of resources you want us to monitor and - boom - that's it! We'll start monitoring them for you immediately.

These are the types of resources that AzureServiceMon is monitoring today; if you don't see a resource type you need, just email us at and let us know:

  • Web Apps
  • CDN Endpoints
  • Virtual Machines
  • Event Hubs
  • HD Insight Clusters
  • HD Insight Applications
  • Virtual Network Peerings
  • Search Services
  • Service Bus Namespaces
  • Service Bus Queues
  • Service Bus Topics
  • Service Bus Subscriptions
  • SQL Server Databases
  • Storage Accounts
  • Traffic Manager Endpoints

360° View of Your Tenant

AzureServiceMon monitors your Azure resources 24x7x365. You'll always know when something happens to one of your cloud services.

Getting Started is Drop Dead Simple

It really doesn't get much simpler to start monitoring the availability of your Azure resources. Go to our Start Now page and create a subscription. Give us a minute to inventory your resources while you grab a cup of coffee. Check boxes to let us know what to monitor and click button. Easy!

Our Approach

We monitor your Azure services 24x7. We have a highly-scalable, highly-available cloud based service that ensures we're always watching out for you. Our synthetic probing process means that you can find out within minutes of when a problem starts happening.

When there is an issue we'll let you know. You can configure as many email addresses and text message phone numbers as you like for us to notify, as well as a webhook REST endpoint or Microsoft Flow where we can send details for you to act upon. You can also rest assured that this information will never be shared and never be sold or used for any other purpose!

Getting monitoring set up for your Azure resources is drop dead easy. There's no hardware you have to devote to this. There's no software you need to install. Fill out a simple form and boom - you're done. It really is that easy.

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